Sharron Angle

A political party is defined by the candidates that it offers for public office. Let’s take a look at the Tea Party (formerly the Republican Party) candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Nevada.

Sharron Angle talks about “Second Amendment rights” but forgets to mention – or does not know – that this right to arms is linked to the maintenance of “a well-regulated militia.” Actually, “well-regulated militia” no longer exists in the United States.

What she means and has said is that if the votes don’t go her way she wants to start shooting.

What she is talking about is armed insurrection. There is one word that covers armed insurrection:


It is no stretch of logic to underline the fact that the Tea Party is endorsing a call for treason, making it the party of treason.

It also makes Ms. Angle a worthy companion to that noteworthy quitter, Sarah Palin, whose stubborn insistence that ignorance is bliss seems to have no bounds – along with her greed.

In the best of times, the only way the old Republican Party could win in an election was to fool the majority of the American electorate to vote against its own interest.

The three races that I am following most closely indicate that the Tea Party is following in the steps of its predecessor: Its Candidate 1 is a Wall Street hack who wants to destroy Social Security and ship as many jobs offshore as possible; its Candidate 2 is a buddy of thugs and felons; its Candidate 3 as a mayor ran his town into the ground.

I fail to see any redeeming qualities in any of these people.

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