Nasty TV

What’s with the spate of lascivious, demeaning and downright nasty TV commercials?

The one that finally turned my stomach implied sexual congress between a gecko and a woman. That’s beyond pornography and descends into perversity.

I had pretty much taught myself to turn away from the babies throwing up, children misbehaving, bar maids being rude to customers and the series of ads featuring a self-absorbed surgeon insulting and ignoring his patient while crowing about his new cell-phone service, the ego-ridden girl doing the same while breaking up with her boyfriend and the equally ego-filled homeowner slandering his neighbor while clicking away on his cell – in other words, ugly people being ugly.

Who in their right minds would think these things are cute or amusing?

Who in their right minds would buy anything from company advertising in this way?

Not only are they travesties, they must also be counterproductive.

It would be nice if the TV industry moguls imposed some standards on commercials rather than just closing their eyes and raking in the money.

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