2010 results

It’s a shame that so many of us voted our fears than in confidence of a resilient America.

Perhaps there was nostalgia for the good old days. In those days, however, unemployment in most of the country was three times what it is now, the result of a couple decades of a Republican White House and Congress.

The Democratic antidote that started the United States on the way back was massive public works at the cost of a massive public debt. Seventy years later, the nation is still benefiting from all of that, from Hoover Dam to TVA, to post offices, museums and other public buildings, Skyline Drive. In some cases, neglect is beginning to catch up, and restoration, rehab or replacement should be a top priority.

It also transformed the United States from a 98-pound weakling of a nation into the mightiest industrial power the world has ever seen just in time for World War II.

It’s also a shame that so many of us fell for the Republican/Tea Party con game. At least one voice of treason was defeated, although another was elected.

For example, there has been no government takeover of health care; there are no “death taxes,” there are no “death panels” – at least there weren’t until a Republican legislature and governor made themselves one. The governor seems especially proud of condemning at least 90 people to slow deaths.

We are stuck, however, with a senator who wants to bring back segregation and thinks it’s just fine that his pet goons beat up women. Also elected was a friend of felons who will become the voice of the casino industry in Congress and who is so ethically challenged that I doubt he can go two years without being indicted for something. Getting in, too, was a host of people who want to end completely or end Social Security as we know it as a massive boondoggle for Wall Street. More than one new senator wants to ship jobs to Asia. It’s an amazing collection of newcomers.

These are not really conservatives; they are radicals in the worst sense. Anyway, it seems hard for people to remember that Republicans and their ilk can only win when they can fool a majority of Americans to vote against their own interest.

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