Buying elections

What sort of person is it that can walk around and then one day say, “I don’t have one of those, I think I’ll buy one,” and shells out $139 million from her purse to purchase her very own governorship.

But that’s what Meg Whitman, the Tea Party (formerly the Republican Party) candidate for governor of California, has spent just out of her personal fortune.

And she apparently has not had to sell a single one of her private jet planes.

This is a person who is proud of, and boasts of, firing thousands of workers while E-Bay chief executive.

This is a person who hires undocumented workers to toil at her mansions while publicly denouncing them.

This is a person whose feeling of entitlement knows no bounds.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

On a somewhat lesser scale, the same thing is happening in Connecticut and House and Senate races across the country.

Like too many of the Tea Party candidates, and certainly the people who are financing and manipulating them, Whitman thinks she can buy anything.

Maybe they are wrong. Maybe they can’t buy American democracy.

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One Response to Buying elections

  1. I don’t think Whitman has a chance, nor do I think Fiorina will defeat Boxer. Fiorina is the hospital, suffering from complications to breast reconstruction surgery, so she can’t even campaign. Maybe it’s for the best. She was caught on tape dissing Boxer’s hair do. Has Lady F looked in the mirror lately. Her hair looks like a bad rug. For all we know, it is.

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