Slanting the news

How does a newspaper slant a news story and still remain factual?

My local daily – the Daily Item out of Sunbury, Pa. — presented a classic example in its lead story of Oct. 21.

The headline: Carney ahead by $900G in donations.

Democratic Rep. Chris Carney is being challenged by Tom Marino, the candidate for the Tea Party (successor to the Republican Party). Marino, of course, is the guy who did favors for felons while a federal attorney and who was forced to resign in disgrace.

The Item’s front-page story makes a big deal of the fact that much of the Carney money is coming from outside the House seat district. Down in the story, however, one finds that the proportion of outside money is about the same for both sides.

That isn’t the real kicker, though. Buried way inside, hidden in a little item in an election roundup, is a mention that the RNCC has outspent the DNCC by almost $500,000.

Beyond this is the flood of distorted and outright lying television advertising bought by the Chamber of with its slush fund from Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Insurance both domestic and foreign.

While I have not timed the ads, their airtime seems to be matched by the promotions of shadowy groups with innocuous-sounding names that are fronts for many of the Chamber pf Commerce people, as well as others.

Two days after the slanted front-page story, an inside election roundup noted that just one of these exploitive groups, 60 Plus Associates, had already spent close to $500,000.

The end of transparency in election spending is thanks to an embarrassing decision by a far-right Supreme Court, the product of the lamentable Bush administration, which also managed to shatter the U.S. economy in its drive to make the rich richer by impoverishing American workers and shoving as many people as possible out of the middle class.

This flood of outside money is just one example of Tea Party backers trying to drown democracy with greenbacks and simply buy an election.

The way the Item splits up its information makes it difficult for a reader to see what’s happening and also is slanting. The front-page story, and earlier and later efforts, makes it clear that sadly the Item has become a Tea Party shill.

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One Response to Slanting the news

  1. That’s really too bad about your local paper, but maybe they are just playing to the majority of their readership. These shadow groups who are throwing money at are elections could even be bin Laden himself, and I would not be surprised if it comes to light that some tight, TeaParty leaning races are being bless with Saudi gold. Hell, even Ireland and Israel can kick in money for their particular issues. It’s like a carnival now to vote in America. Buy your ticket and get on the scary ride, mister!

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