Sarah Palin

Another way a political party defines itself is by the people who seize leadership positions. So let’s take a look at the Queen Bee of the Tea Party (formerly the Republican Party), Sarah Palin.

It has been a century and a half since the United States had a Know Nothing Party, but Ms. Palin with her stubborn insistence that ignorance is bliss has played a key role in reviving it. Actually, the Republican Party was its successor when the Know Nothing Party dissolved in 1860.  It was preceded by the Native American Party and the American Republican Party.

So in a way, Ms. Palin is going back to the very roots of the Republican Party, except back then they were honest enough to call themselves what they were.

An illustration of her reliance on bias and unwillingness to look at the world around her is this: If she would stop trying to see Russia from her porch and travel a fairly short distance, she would see that Alaska’s glaciers have retreated for miles and miles. Something is really happening!

A few other things about Ms. Palin: Everyone that gave her a helping hand on her climb up she stabbed in the back. She and the ex-First Dude will do their best to crucify anyone who gets in her way. She is a quitter who will go for the bucks rather than do her job.

All this omits the Babe factor. I have been warned that mentioning this is sexist. But how can you ignore it with someone who so blatantly flirts and flaunts. Basically, it is the only tool she has in her kit box and is the key to her rise to fame.

And whenever you have such a Babe as this, you have to identify the pimp and see where he is.

Not only is the Tea Party endorsing a call for treason, making it the party of treason; not only is it backing the end of civil rights and the end of labor rights, it also wants the American people to think that facts don’t matter, that history doesn’t matter, that people don’t matter so long as they themselves and their cronies can feather their nests.

In the best of times, the only way the old Republican Party could win an election was to fool the majority of the American electorate to vote against its own interest.

The three races that I am following most closely indicate that the Tea Party is following in the steps of its predecessor: Its Candidate 1 is a Wall Street hack who wants to destroy Social Security and ship as many jobs offshore as possible; its Candidate 2 is a buddy of thugs and felons; its Candidate 3 as a mayor ran his town into the ground.

I fail to see any redeeming qualities in any of these people.

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